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  • 3 Tips For Starting Your First Fashion Company
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    Starting your own fashion line is perhaps one of the most rewarding ventures into entrepreneurship. Especially if you have a passion for clothes, this can be the perfect avenue to take in getting your brand off the ground. And if you’ve been wondering how you can create your own line, I’ve compiled a few tips on how to begin. Check them out below:

    Focus On Quality


    If you’re going to be working in fashion, then quality will be everything. As this is one of the most competitive industries out, what’s going to separate you from the rest will be the amount of work you put into not only designing the clothes but sourcing materials and perfecting cuts. This is one of the biggest qualities people don’t just look towards in fashion, but products in general, because as noted by Business2Community, approximately 88 percent of consumers stated that quality is the first thing they look for in a brand. And if you’re looking to form a startup fashion company, then producing at a high-level consistency will be crucial.

    To begin, decide what type of inventory you’re going to carry. Even if it’s just t-shirts and sweatshirts at first, the type of supplier you ship from will be noticeable by those in the fashion world. Additionally, outline the process for each step along the way in your production, as this will help you determine where your pain-points may lie, as well as how you can improve upon them. Try to source as many resources as possible before making any bulk purchases, as you don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of inventory that’s taking up space or not up to par.

    Once you’ve got a good idea to the type of quality you can afford, it’s time to start actually working out a budget regarding your production. Remember, as a business where you’re going to have to take on a lot of the cost upfront, sometimes less can be more. It’s not a bad thing if you do a short run of a product and it sells out, as that not only means you’re doing something right but have a great marketing opportunity to work with. All-in-all, use your best judgment in the type of inventory you can afford, as well as how you want to maximize it moving forward.

    Get Your Brand Right


    With how much your identity and brand tie into your success in fashion, this is an item that’s going to take some heavy consideration. As you’re asking people to physically represent your brand nearly every day, your message has to resonate with them. This requires making your audience feel just as much a part of your mission as anyone else, which won’t come overnight. Yes, the name of the game here is authenticity, which as noted by Vision Critical, was cited in a survey by a Boston Consulting group as the top quality found in any brand.

    To find the root foundation of your authenticity, you first …

  • 5 footwear’s that are best to wear with shorts
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    Shorts have come back in to the style fold and these are here to stay this time for real. These are very comfortable, and these are the go to clothes during the summer. Shorts are very funky and casual depending on the design you opt out for. Shorts are really stylish as well to wear, and these are preferred because they are of the design that they allow most of the body to be open to the flowing breeze giving us relief from the heat of the winters and that is what is needed in the season most of all. The shorts make our lives quite easy during the summers.

    Well summers are the time when the style quotient is experimented with. People change their regular looks and go out for new looks. In this experiment the shorts can come really handy as these are the pieces of clothing that give you an entirely new look and people around you like it because it is that much good. But the question that arises is that what to pair with those shorts because the legs are on very much display and the thing that catches the eye mostly is footwear the person is wearing and thus the footwear should be appropriate with your choice of shorts. The confusion arises here that what to go for? Would slippers do the job, or should we just go out for something more sophisticated? Are slipper just enough? Is putting on socks a good decision? There are many question like these which arise in the mind of those people who go up for the experimentation with shorts and then have to pair a footwear with those.

    There are a set of general tips that should be followed and a few pairing that are very in sync with each other. These include:

    • Tailored shorts: These shorts are made up of your size exactly and thus these go according to your body shape and size which makes the right pairing all the more important because the shorts look really good and just a small wrong decision taken will ruin the complete beauty of the shorts and will totally devastate your look. The shoes that go well with these shorts are the loafers or the boat shoes.
    • Athletic shorts: These shorts are quite loose as they are built up to give you that freedom which you require while going for sports and they have a look of their own and this is the reason why these shorts cannot be paired with any type of shoes. These go best with short shoes or the gym sneakers. White is the shade that is preferred.
    • Denim shorts: These are very stylish to wear and just nothing can be said about them that you might not know already. The shoes that go well with these are the flip flop slippers with wide straps and the loafers or the boat shoes.
    • Formal shorts: These are quite in sync with the leather texture flip
  • Après ski – Don’t Forget your Polarized Sunglasses
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    You know the Australian winter has truly arrived when the main ski resorts open for business, as they did this month. And, with the ski season upon us, I’ve been thinking more about après ski. The snow’s glare can be really blinding. And while polarized sunglasses aren’t ideal for skiing – you’re best to stick to a good pair of goggles – sunglasses are great for après ski.

    I’ve been fortunate to ski at a couple of our beautiful resorts here in Victoria (for those of you who think of Australia as a sunburnt country, yes you can ski here, too – particularly in the south). I’ve also sampled the delights of skiing in France and Italy. But one of my most memorable snow experiences was in Luosto, a tiny village in Finnish Lapland where my family and I went in search of Father Christmas. It was there I first discovered you could have so much fun in the snow apart from skiing. Who knew making snow angels in deep Lappish snow with a six year old would turn out to be one of life’s great experiences? So I thought I’d list a few other après ski experiences that are really worth seeking out, kicking off with some Nordic pastimes where polarized sunglasses are definitely de rigueur:

    Husky ride – Don’t let an opportunity to try this pass you by. I was amazed by how fast, exhilarating and strangely quiet it is – a real adrenalin rush. Check out whether your local ski resort offers this activity or your local husky club may offer dry runs.

    Reindeer sleigh ride – I did this after the husky ride so I was still coming down from that high. And it was night, so I didn’t need my sunglasses, but on a bright day you would seriously need them to cut out the glare. It was magical – shooting stars and the soft sound of old wooden rails sliding through the snow. Highly recommended.

    Tobogganing or bobsledding – We did this during a blizzard in Lapland. It was -25C and the wind was unforgiving. But it was a blast, nonetheless.

    I always know that snow was a reflective surface, but what I did realise is that, up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays are reflected upwards from the snow. Yes, you can easily still get sunburnt. Hence why skiers get panda eyes. Worse for the eyes, this can lead to snow blindness (photokeratitis) – and it’s a big problem the longer you spend in the snow. What I have also learnt since working with sunglasses is UV light bounces off snow even on cloudy day; what’s more, the effects of UV rays increases with altitude. It is therefore essential to have 100% UVA and UVB protection, both for your eyes and your exposed skin. So I’m thinking a good quality pair of polarised sunglasses will be an essential part of my après ski wardrobe this year. As well as this, the visually …

  • How to Keep Your Phone Safe
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    Do you own a smartphone? If you do than you know how expensive they are. Since they are so expensive, you would probably do anything to keep it safe. How can you prevent your phone from getting damage to begin with while still being able to use it every day? It is all in how you take care of it. If you want your smartphone to last, then you need to take preventive measure now to keep your phone safe and out of the repair shop. According to an article, dropping your smartphone can result in your phone to cease working. Like with anything that is of value to you, if you keep your investment safe and protected than it will last. So, how can you keep your smartphone safe and still use it? The first thing you want to do is to handle it with care. Be sure to always keep it in a purse or pocket when not in use and prevent is from slipping off the table or falling onto a hard surface. Next, in case it does take a tumble, you should be sure that you have it in a protective case with a little bit of rubber to act as a shock absorber. Rubber also prevents it from sliding off the table. Also, make sure your screen is safe by installing a screen protector. Screen protectors prevent scratches on the screen as well as prevents cracks if it were to fall. Finally, if your phone has to be near you at all times then be sure that you have a good holster or neck lanyard to keep it in for easy access.

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  • 10 Awesome Layered Haircuts with Bangs to Add Bounce to Your Hair
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    Layered haircuts are a great way to add some texture and volume to your hair, no matter what the length. A few simple layers can really add new life dry, damaged or limp hair as well. Thick hair can become more manageable with some soft layers. As well, fine or thin hair can look much fuller with some well-placed layers.

    Layered haircuts with bangs are all the rage right now. Bangs seem to fall out of favor for a time, but always come back with a bang. And there are some very hot hairstyles with bangs trending right now, especially for layered hair! As well, adding some color to your hair such as ombre hues, balayagetones or soft highlights can really add some shine and fullness to layered locks!

    Check out 10 of the hottest styles forlayered haircutswith fringe to add some bounce to your tresses!

    10 Stunning Looks for Layered Haircuts with Bangs

    1. Platinum Blonde Straight Bob

    This long, layered cut is tailor made for those with straighter hair. The long layers and long side bangs are very sleek and sophisticated. But if you want to add a sexy aura to this trendy straight hairstyle, dry your hair a pale shade of blonde. Pair it with some smokey makeup for a sultry look that will drive men insane!

    1. Brown and Blonde Ombre Layers

    If you want to experiment with color, but aren’t ready to make a drastic change just yet, this light brown and blonde ombre is a great place to start. Add some long layers throughout your hair to add some fullness. Start with a light to medium brown shade and then fade to a light blonde ombre. Or if ombre isn’t you thing, a pretty balayage mix of brunette and blonde shades is just as stunning. This look is also very striking if you have wavy hair for added volume!

    1. Shoulder Length Bob with Layers

    For those who want a shorter cut, this mid length bob is super cute. It hits just above the shoulders but the layers give it more bounce and texture. The longer bangs pushed over to one side add a sense of mystery to this stylish shoulder-length cut. You can keep your hair all one shade or add some highlights for added dimension if so desired.

    1. Shaggy Layers with Side Bangs

    For those who prefer the tousled, bedhead look, this long shaggy cut is perfect! The choppy layers are styled for a carefree look and feel that is very much in demand right now. Add a jagged part and long side bangs to make this sexy cut even more sensual!

    1. Buttery Blonde Razored Long Layers

    This shaggy layered cut with razored ends is very in right now. Notice how the ends are angled shorter to longer from front to back for tons of volume. And the soft buttery blonde shade is so pretty. Ask your stylist for long bangs that you can style off to one …

  • Fynd The Perfect Jacket For Your Body Shape
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    Looking for a perfect jacket for your body shape? You can buy from a great collection of designer and stylish jackets for both men & women at highly affordable rates. Much of your personal fashion sense can be reflected by the type of fitting clothes that you wear. An ill-fitting cloth or attire can be a highly unpleasant sight to view. As such, it becomes very important to focus on wearing the right fit of clothes for reflecting an ultimate sense of personal fashion.

    If you are for an online shopping spree of jacket from, then you can look through the excellent sizing chart or guide to get an idea of the size that will fit you the best. Look great in a perfectly fitting jacket for yourself by following the guide as follows:

    • Inverted Triangle Shaped Jacket: When you have the right curves and body shape, flaunt the same by adorning a perfect inverted triangle-shaped jacket for yourself. By wearing this shape of the jackets, your arms, shoulders, and chest –all of it get built up. This shape also helps in towering narrower towards your hips and waist. When you have the perfect body shape, you might consider parading the same by wearing this jacket. A perfect example of such a jacket is the pea coat.
    • Trapezoid Jacket: When you have it, show it! Flaunt your sexy, broad shoulder and chest area by sporting a trapezoid-shaped jacket. By wearing this jacket, your body would slim from the torso to the waist by giving an overall athletic look. With a well-proportioned look, this jacket makes you look all model-like as you flaunt your muscled body. The classic bomber jackets for men are an ideal selection while buying this shape of jacket.
    • Oval Jacket: If you happen to be slightly rounder on the central portion of your body, then hide all the plump areas by wearing an oval-shaped jacket for yourself. These jackets work perfectly by adding some weight over your shoulders and thus, create a proportioned look all over. Longer jackets with broader shoulders can help you achieve the oval look for a slimmer you. In this case, a longer trench coat will be an ideal option for you.
    • Rectangle Jacket: This shape is achieved when your shoulders are in proportion to the shape of your waist, creating a rectangle shape all over. By being tall, you could be either slim or bulky in body shape. The best option of accentuating your overall look is going for a rectangle jacket that helps in creating a well-defined tapered look. Commonly, blazers that add more weight to your shoulder and appear narrower towards the underarms are a perfect option for you. In case, you do not have a thing for blazers, you can try out the classy leather motorcycle jacket.
    • Triangle Jacket: When your chest and shoulders tend to be narrower than your lower body, then you have the triangle shape. For this body
  • Purple Ombré hair for daring ladies
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    We all live only once, so we recommend bright and popping colors for your hair. Try something different this year. If coloring your hair with purple scares you, fear not because purple is such a vibrant and a beautiful color to add with a light colored hair. You can either color your while hair purple or just the tip; either way purple brings out the fun side of you. There are plenty of ways with which purple ombré hair styles can be used, we are here to showcase some of the beautiful hairdos you ought to keep in mind before you paint it purple.

    1. Purple ombré ends

    The combination of purple hair and lighter and darker shade of brunette is both soft and feminine. This is a great hairstyle for spring and summer season. Bring out the fancy, bold and chunky side of you.

    1. Feminine purple

    The best way to experiment with your hair is to inject a new, different and a vibrant color to it. This shade of purple matches even the pitch black color. To a long black hair, mix the ombré purple color to create a soft and a feminine feel to it. Accessorize this look with a beautiful earring or a simple necklace and you are good to go.

    1. Blonde and purple mix

    Give your normal blonde hair a beautiful purple ombré color just like shown in the picture. Blonde and purple combination works perfectly well to create a modern look. It’s an extraordinary look recommended for anyone who has a blonde hair and for those who loves the color purple.

    1. White and purple

    This is such a beautiful look that you should try out some day. Keep the length and add a light feathery layer to it to showcase the purple ombré. This subtle shade is suitable for an everyday life. Low maintenance and easy to handle kind of hair style this is. White and purple is the perfect combination that you can ever get.

    1. Long black purple waves

    For a dramatic long hair, add purple color to the lower part of the hair. Even though it requires a bleaching, it’s worth it. It is a very impressive and a flattering look for those who wish to add the color purple to their life.

    Redefine your life; add some colors to your life. The color purple uplifts, calms nerves and mind, offers a sense of spirituality and encourages creativity. Keep this in your mind while your paint your hair purple. Purple color goes with any type of hair be it blonde, brunette or even black. It also goes with all types of dresses irrespective of any color. Try out different and vibrant colors for your hair if you are that person who loves showing off different shades of your personality.


  • Fitness fashion trends for 2017
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    Finding fashionable yet practical workout clothes is important for any fitness enthusiast. You might work out to keep your body in shape, but you also deserve to look your best the minute that you suit up. Aside from looking great, the right fitness outfits are sure to get you in the mood to work out and keep you motivated to hit the gym regularly.

    Recently, fitness wear has become so popular that it carries over as casual wear. Given its ability to keep you comfortable, it is no surprise to see fitness clothing pop up in fashion blogs that report on what celebrities wear to run errands or attend crowded events such as outdoor music festivals. In addition to famous people wearing athletic fashions, a few have developed their own lines of fitness wear.

    If you like to hit the gym, play sports or simply wear the latest casual fashions, then the newest fitness items will make a great addition to your wardrobe. Check out a few fitness fashion trends for 2017 that you won’t want to miss.

    Comfortable and high-tech leggings

    Leggings were popular in the 1980s and are back again for workouts and casual wear due to their comfort. For the latest trends in leggings, you should get your hands on eye-catching patterns and high-tech fabrics.

    Mix printed leggings with abstract bright colors, neutral marbled effects or tropical patterns into your workout wardrobe for some fun. The best new leggings offer compression support, anti-odor shields and moisture-wicking properties, which means that they are both comfortable and flattering. Copper fit compression clothing made of copper- and zinc-encapsulated fabric comes in sizing options that range from small to 3XL.

    High waistlines

    Today’s pants are vintage-inspired and have a higher waist, whether mid-rise or high-rise in design. This trend is carrying over into fitness apparel, especially leggings, and the effect can be very slimming. Of all the mid-to-high waistlines in trendy fashion items today, stretchy leggings may be the most comfortable way to show off your figure.

    Leotards for flexibility

    Leotards are now useful for more than just dance wear. They can be worn under leggings or sweatpants for a look that makes sense if you practice yoga or any workout that involves shifting your weight. Nothing is more satisfying than moving into a forward-bend yoga pose while wearing a leotard so that you don’t have to worry about your shirt falling over your face. For this reason, leotards and full-body unitards have gained popularity as fitness fashion trends.

    Crop tops

    Fitness crop tops go well with the current trend of mid- to high-waist pants. Fitted crop tops often include built-in support, which can be as secure as any sports bra while allowing you to sweat it out in comfort and style. Just make sure to check your gym’s dress code since some might have rules against showing your midriff.

    Fashionable cutouts and mesh

    Fashion has always been about the details, but fitness fashion has really stepped up its game …

  • Tech Savvy Ways to Save Money on Fashion
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    If you consider yourself to be quite the fashionista then there is nothing better than wearing the latest designs and styles every hour of the day, each day of the week, every week of the year! If this perfectly describes you, however, you also know that this (healthy) obsession comes at a price. A monetary one. And it isn’t always low!


    To help you save money on your fashion items, below are some tips on using technology to get the best style or price.


    Snap and Send

    You take photos of your food, of the sky, or your face, and even of buildings, right before you post them to any number of social media platforms. However, for this tip, take photo of a dress you are looking at buying, but instead of sharing it with the world, send it to a small group of like-minded fashion oriented friends and find out if they have seen the item for a cheaper price somewhere else or if they know of an upcoming sale which you can take advantage of!


    By simply waiting a few minutes and send in a photo, you can save a good amount of money each time you are looking to buy a designer fashion item.


    Coupons and Vouchers

    If you aren’t using your phone on the train to browse the Groupon Coupons page for Nordstrom Rack and are instead going into boutique stores then you are spending too much money on your fashion!


    The next time that you are planning a night out, instead of heading into a store, check online stores like Groupon to find the same item you are looking at in the store at a deeply discounted price.


    List Me Up!

    Do you remember in the early 2000’s when everybody was asking for your email address to be added to their mailing list? If you do, then you also remember the birth of SPAM!


    What companies didn’t realize at the time was that it was ridiculously easy for people to simply sign up and then block the sender. Then, of course, smart email filter technology came and our inboxes become a lot more manageable. As you know this put a stop to those pesky emails.


    Luckily for business owners, they took note of this trend and began altering their tactics. Nowadays, when you agree to sign up to a mailing list you can be relatively confident that you won’t be bombarded with a bunch of emails about sales and products you never want to know about. Instead, stores now tailor their mailing lists and promotions, including offering flash sales.


    For example, imagine that you are out at lunch and suddenly your phone buzzes to tell you that there is a sample sale happening in 15 minutes right around the corner from you! This is something which you would have missed out on had you not signed up to the mailing list and had your phone with …

  • How Can You Choose the Right Flower for Your Lady Love?
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    You are in love with a girl and it is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. You spent most of your day thinking about her and is always trying out things to cheer up and make her smile. For ensuring a long lasting smile on her face, you offer different gift items from time to time to make her feel special and important. However, there is one thing that can keep her cheerful and amused without even costing your pocket much. Yes, flowers are perennial gift items that can be easily found in any offline or online florist shop. Here are the amazing tips for you that can help in finding the right bunch of flowers for your sweetheart.

    Understand the Psychology and Behaviour of Your Girl- As an old saying goes, “One shoe size does not fit all” and so you can’t expect your girl to like flowers which other girls may like. She is definitely different from the other and so does her choices and preferences. In order to offer the desired flowers to your sweetheart, you need to look for the best flowers in Dubai that can provide the fresh bunch of flowers to your sweetheart.

    Choose the Flowers Based on the Occasion- There are variety of flowers available for different occasions like birthday, congratulations, office promotion and other such events. You need to have a clear understanding whether you are offering the flowers to your girl on her birthday, recent promotion in the office, welcome to a new office or any other such event. Depending upon any of these situations, you can easily get the amazing flowers delivery in Dubai or in any other parts of the world.

    Don’t Forget to Consider Her Health Conditions- It could be possible that your girlfriend may be allergic to certain kinds of pollen or flowers, so you need to consider this crucial aspect while gifting her flowers. You want your beautiful flowers to make her day and not aggravate her medical conditions that could spoil the entire day for her. In case, she is allergic to every kind of flower, you can go for paper or artificial flowers that look elegant but is health wise safe for her.

    Choose the Perfect Flower Arrangement- Buying the right flowers for your lady love is not just enough and you should also focus some time and energy on the arrangement of these flowers. You can either take the help of some florist or can also display your creativity on the instance to capture the immediate attention of your beloved girl. Guys can try out any flower arrangement like fish bowl arrangement, traditional flower arrangement, gift basket arrangement, casket arrangement, cage arrangement or any other type of arrangement to add beauty and grace to the presentation of your mesmerising flowers.

    So, get the best flowers in Dubai or any other country for your girlfriend through any offline or online florist shop and make her smile instantly.