• 10 Awesome Layered Haircuts with Bangs to Add Bounce to Your Hair
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    Layered haircuts are a great way to add some texture and volume to your hair, no matter what the length. A few simple layers can really add new life dry, damaged or limp hair as well. Thick hair can become more manageable with some soft layers. As well, fine or thin hair can look much fuller with some well-placed layers.

    Layered haircuts with bangs are all the rage right now. Bangs seem to fall out of favor for a time, but always come back with a bang. And there are some very hot hairstyles with bangs trending right now, especially for layered hair! As well, adding some color to your hair such as ombre hues, balayagetones or soft highlights can really add some shine and fullness to layered locks!

    Check out 10 of the hottest styles forlayered haircutswith fringe to add some bounce to your tresses!

    10 Stunning Looks for Layered Haircuts with Bangs

    1. Platinum Blonde Straight Bob

    This long, layered cut is tailor made for those with straighter hair. The long layers and long side bangs are very sleek and sophisticated. But if you want to add a sexy aura to this trendy straight hairstyle, dry your hair a pale shade of blonde. Pair it with some smokey makeup for a sultry look that will drive men insane!

    1. Brown and Blonde Ombre Layers

    If you want to experiment with color, but aren’t ready to make a drastic change just yet, this light brown and blonde ombre is a great place to start. Add some long layers throughout your hair to add some fullness. Start with a light to medium brown shade and then fade to a light blonde ombre. Or if ombre isn’t you thing, a pretty balayage mix of brunette and blonde shades is just as stunning. This look is also very striking if you have wavy hair for added volume!

    1. Shoulder Length Bob with Layers

    For those who want a shorter cut, this mid length bob is super cute. It hits just above the shoulders but the layers give it more bounce and texture. The longer bangs pushed over to one side add a sense of mystery to this stylish shoulder-length cut. You can keep your hair all one shade or add some highlights for added dimension if so desired.

    1. Shaggy Layers with Side Bangs

    For those who prefer the tousled, bedhead look, this long shaggy cut is perfect! The choppy layers are styled for a carefree look and feel that is very much in demand right now. Add a jagged part and long side bangs to make this sexy cut even more sensual!

    1. Buttery Blonde Razored Long Layers

    This shaggy layered cut with razored ends is very in right now. Notice how the ends are angled shorter to longer from front to back for tons of volume. And the soft buttery blonde shade is so pretty. Ask your stylist for long bangs that you can style off to one …

  • Purple Ombré hair for daring ladies
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    We all live only once, so we recommend bright and popping colors for your hair. Try something different this year. If coloring your hair with purple scares you, fear not because purple is such a vibrant and a beautiful color to add with a light colored hair. You can either color your while hair purple or just the tip; either way purple brings out the fun side of you. There are plenty of ways with which purple ombré hair styles can be used, we are here to showcase some of the beautiful hairdos you ought to keep in mind before you paint it purple.

    1. Purple ombré ends

    The combination of purple hair and lighter and darker shade of brunette is both soft and feminine. This is a great hairstyle for spring and summer season. Bring out the fancy, bold and chunky side of you.

    1. Feminine purple

    The best way to experiment with your hair is to inject a new, different and a vibrant color to it. This shade of purple matches even the pitch black color. To a long black hair, mix the ombré purple color to create a soft and a feminine feel to it. Accessorize this look with a beautiful earring or a simple necklace and you are good to go.

    1. Blonde and purple mix

    Give your normal blonde hair a beautiful purple ombré color just like shown in the picture. Blonde and purple combination works perfectly well to create a modern look. It’s an extraordinary look recommended for anyone who has a blonde hair and for those who loves the color purple.

    1. White and purple

    This is such a beautiful look that you should try out some day. Keep the length and add a light feathery layer to it to showcase the purple ombré. This subtle shade is suitable for an everyday life. Low maintenance and easy to handle kind of hair style this is. White and purple is the perfect combination that you can ever get.

    1. Long black purple waves

    For a dramatic long hair, add purple color to the lower part of the hair. Even though it requires a bleaching, it’s worth it. It is a very impressive and a flattering look for those who wish to add the color purple to their life.

    Redefine your life; add some colors to your life. The color purple uplifts, calms nerves and mind, offers a sense of spirituality and encourages creativity. Keep this in your mind while your paint your hair purple. Purple color goes with any type of hair be it blonde, brunette or even black. It also goes with all types of dresses irrespective of any color. Try out different and vibrant colors for your hair if you are that person who loves showing off different shades of your personality.


  • How to Maintain a Swimming Pool
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    The task of cleaning and maintaining a swimming pool should not be hard at all. There are various equipment, swimming pool chemicals and cleaning systems available to help even non-tech pool owners to speed up the process of creating crystal-clear-water swimming pools.

    Steps in Cleaning a Swimming Pool


    It is highly recommended to clean the pool at least once a week.  The first thing to do is to skim the surface of the swimming pool for any debris and leaves, and emptying the skimmer baskets.  Some pools are located near flower beds, bushes and trees that shed not only leaves, but pollen and flowers as well. If such is the case, regular trimming of foliage is necessary. It is best to skim the pool surface using a cleaning net.


    Debris and dirt may be found at the bottom of a pool.  A pool vacuum cleaner will do the job efficiently. An average-sized pool would need to be vacuumed for about thirty minutes to clean. It is best to slowly vacuum the pool as in lawn mowing. If the swimming pool is quite wide, it is better to vacuum one half of the pool at a time.

    If the vacuum hose floats, it can only mean two things. First, the hose has a hole that needs to be fixed. Second, the vacuum’s capacity has greatly decreased probably because the filter is full.

    Cleaning the Pool Walls

    Algae and waterline may have formed on the pool sides. Cleaning the pool walls with the appropriate cleaners will eliminate algae and waterline stains. A pool brush is used to apply the cleaner. Quickly scrubbing the walls at the waterline and below the water surface will keep the pool walls sparkling clean.  If algae is highly evident, adding algaecide is recommended.

    Adjusting Pool Chemicals

    It is recommended to keep the pool water’s pH level range between 7.4 to 7.6, and a chlorine level from 1.0 to 3.0 ppm (parts per million).  It is best to test pool water at least 4 hours after the last swimmer has left and at least 8 hours after a wind or rain storm. Pool testing trips are commercially available. Depending on the outcome of the test trips, products such as chlorine or bromine may be added. Metals removers may be added to prevent the water from turning green.

    Pool water needs a level of calcium between 200 and 400 ppm. If the calcium level is too low, water is considered soft and corrosive.  If the calcium level is too high, water is considered hard and could scale not only the surface of the pool but equipment as well.

    “Shocking” the Pool

    To effectively eliminate contaminants, including persistent algae, shocking the pool water on a weekly basis will solve this problem.  “Shocking” entails adding quite a larger dose of chlorine to the pool water, and spiking the chlorine level to 10 ppm.  As this type of chlorine is not very stable, it will only stay in the water …

  • Create Your Style with Fashion Accessories
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    Exclusive women accessories go well with stylish apparels. The attractive jewelry will offer you the dazzling look. Find your own style in one stop shop. Get the opulent ranges of trendy accessories with excellent offers. The extravagant collections provide you the designer trends like hand bags, jewelries and other style statement in very affordable price. Celebrate your special day by purchasing the custom made jewelry. Get a unique look with the recipe of absolute fashion products suit your style. Bostonian introduces the exclusive custom jewelry design with affordable cost.

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    Experience the Touch of Fashion

    Latest Custom Jewelry Design is the key attraction available in different quality and range. The high quality of the products provides you the best design. Explore the amazing quality and sumptuous design jewelry online and flaunt your fashion. You can team up this jewelry with any outfits and can be a show steler. You can rely on our online store and get the best offers. We will provide you the exclusive ranges of party jewelry and perfect tailor made jewelry for you. Rely on the store and get your favorite jewelry.

    Avail the Best Offers

    Free online shopping is the best solution for all yours fashion needs. Huge collections of ethnic wear, western wear or traditional jewelries’ can easily found from this site. Get free shipping at your door step with unbelievable price. You can shop online with free shipping option and get fantastic jewelry for you. Embellish your wardrobe by purchasing the gorgeous jewelry and become  fashionable woman of the modern times. We design perfectly and believe to offer you the excellent jewelry design that will suit you for any occasion whether it’s …

  • Multitasking Your California Dream
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    When it comes to casual clothing, comfort is king.   Nothing says taking it easy like running around in a pair of sweats and a tee-shirt.  But the intersection of comfort and duty has proved too much for today’s busy moms and dads who need a more pulled together look as they tick off the items on their to do lists.   You can’t easily put a little denim skirt over a pair of sweats pants and head off to your child’s Honor’s Award ceremony, but you can pull it off if you’re wearing the latest lux legging from PacSun.

    The trend in athleisure wear has proven to be such a boon to the fashion industry that it was the only sector that showed growth over the past few years.  The category is expected to grow even more as women adopt the trendy look to help them segue from one aspect of their busy lives to another.  If you don’t understand the appeal of athleisure wear, you probably aren’t a mom who has to juggle the schedules of three kids, a job, a fitness regime, and a life.  If you do get it, you probably haven’t thought about PacSun as a place to buy the latest looks in leisure wear, but think again.  PacSun ruled the skate park back in the day when the hat-to-the-back, baggy surfer shorts look was king.  Now, they are on point with the latest clothing, shoes and accessories designed for teens and young adults. As yesterday’s surfer became todays family man, PacSun stayed true to their need for California lifestyle wear.   What started as a shop for “surfer dudes” decades ago is now a major player in the women’s apparel and shoe market.

    Their focus has changed over the years from being a shop where guys could gear up for their surfboard forays, to selling apparel for men and women, but the emphasis is still on the California lifestyle and the look is hotter than ever.  What has changed is the way you can shop PacSun, which is right from your computer or smart phone. They’ve recently added international shipping so you can do your California Dreaming where ever you are.   But first, search Groupon, because you can easily find money saving Groupons that will save you 25% off a purchase of $125 or more, or take 50% off select merchandise.

    Dressing for the multiple tasks your day demands can be a lot easier if you shop PacSun.  And it can be a lot more affordable if you use Groupon to do it.


  • Advantages of Using Accounting Software
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    Current accounting can not be separated from the accounting roles of firms that provide financial information for companies and to control costs. We recommend using a trusted accounting agency such as SAGE 50 Support.

    The concept of accounting is required as a form of accountability of the company’s operations either internally or externally because all the activities of the company are closely related to financial problems. Contact SAGE 50 Technical Support Number to consult develop your business.

    Accounting calculations are done manually using accountants with special skills to improve transparency and availability of quality corporate financial information. They must work on various financial statements such as balance sheet, income statement and so forth. Various reports are done manually using paper work, although sometimes also take advantage of Microsoft Excel.

    When viewed in terms of time, manual work is of course inefficient. In today’s digital age where technology is developing very rapidly, it causes a shift in the availability of information. The decision makers and accountants need information that can be presented quickly so that required accounting software that will facilitate them in managing the financial statements.

    Basically, the accounting software is an application designed to facilitate the calculation of financial statements, balance sheet, and create financial statements needed in a company. Current accounting software is available with a variety of specifications and features that can be tailored to the needs of the user.

    Of course with the support of this accounting software, you will get many benefits such as:

    1. Make the report easier with a short time.
    2. Avoid the occurrence of calculation errors
    3. The input error can be fixed without having to repeat from the initial stage
    4. Work becomes more efficient
    5. Data processing runs automatically because you only enter the transaction
    6. Produce accurate reports so that decisions can be taken immediately
    7. Monitoring the company’s financial condition in real time

    Current accounting software has also developed its technology by using cloud system, which allows users to access data anytime and anywhere in real time. One of the accounting software that is currently widely used by various types of businesses is.

    With the various advantages provided by the accounting software, then it is time you divert the manual work by using accounting software such as Sage 50 Cloud Hosting that will facilitate your work to be more efficient.

    The five benefits of using accounting software in determining business decisions include:

    1. Speed ​​in presenting the financial statements, this can happen because in the process of presenting financial statements are all done automatically by accounting software, so the decision can be done quickly.
    2. Accuracy in decision-making is caused by the small mistakes caused by humans in presenting financial reporting.
    3. Costs to be incurred are smaller in the appeal of providing a wealth of experts in preparing financial statement information as a basis for decision making.
    4. The complete report provided by accounting software starting from Balance Sheet report, profit loss, cash flow etc. This makes it easy to make decisions from various aspects so

  • Where to Get the Best Custom Zippers Online
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    Zipper shipper is a leading sewing supplies merchant online. They cater for customers seeking their products in bulk and those others looking for single of just a few units of their products. They have the best experience in providing the customer needs depending on their specifications. There are many reasons why you should get custom zippers via ZipperShipper. We have highlighted a few advantages of zipper shipper products. Ensure that you also get their professional help in selection and also when making customized products.

    Reasons Why You Should Opt For Zipper Shipper Products

    • There is no minimum number of products a client should order
    • High-quality products including monogrammed blazer buttons, zippers, and zipper sliders, bindings and sewing machine parts as their top products.
    • Excellent customer service and follow up
    • The quality of their products and the fact that the price is affordable make their products more appealing to clients.

    For zippers, you get the three options to choose from. You may opt for plastic, nylon or metal zippers. Metal zippers are the most preferred as they are durable and they look classy too. You choose from the brass separating jacket zippers, dual separating zippers and zipper by the chain yard as well, more info on zipper shipper products especially the zippers can be found online at meta zippers @