Keep up With the Latest Trends this Season Thanks to Lime Crime

The warmer weather is here and it’s a time for bright colors, glitter, glam, and more. It’s a time to let the darkness out and the light in. There’s no better way to shake off those Winter blues than with fresh makeup that makes a statement and says “I’m ready for spring.” Lime Crime is a makeup company that will help you achieve those looks. They specialize in the latest trends, the brightest colors, and highest quality makeup palettes.

The warmer weather is a chance to freshen up your look and draw attention to your face. Winter has been rough on many people’s skin. This is a time to essentially be born again. Highlighter is a great product that will help illuminate your face with a healthy glow. Lime Crime sells an opalescent highlighter for those who want to be magical unicorns. The company offers five different kinds such as angels, blossoms, and mermaids. Each palette is just as gorgeous and sparkly as the next. The mermaid palette features the colors of lavender, ivory, and seafoam green. No matter which one you choose, you can’t go wrong. Wear them on your brow, lid, nose, and more. It’s multipurpose and the perfect product to be on point with this season’s trends.

Another hot trend this season is matte lips. You can’t go wrong using the Lime Crime Velvetine Matte Liquid Lipstick. It goes on smooth, hydrates, and lets your lips become the star of the show. Florals are in this season and this company has got you covered. They’ve got lipsticks to match each outfit you put on. The red, purple, and pink lipsticks make your lips pop in a way that only this company can.

Finally, every person needs a palette with variety in their makeup bag. That way, no matter whatever mood you’re in, you can reach for something that will make your face and soul shine. The Venus Palettes are all the rage. To keep up with the latest trends, Lime Crime has been releasing new ones to keep up with the colors that people want each season. The newest release of the grunge eyeshadow has people feeling sparkly, magical, and fierce. The Venus XL Palette has shades such as berry, pink, rustic red, and more. All of it is coupled with bronze in order to create a flawless glow. The colors are super pigmented making sure that your eyes will pop.

Overall, this is a company that is keeping up with the trends. The founder and creator Doe Deere likes to keep an eye on social media every morning to make sure that she’s not missing out on anything. She loves her followers and wants them to be able to have the trendiest products that will do wonders for their skin. That’s why she puts such pride and joy in coming up with products that are sure to accentuate the user’s skin. Deere herself is always seen rocking a flawless look. Therefore, it’s no wonder that she wants to help others look just as flawless as she does.

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