The groom’s guide  for post and pre wedding functions

Weddings in India are a grand affair! From exotic locations to larger than life attire, it is a time when families come together to celebrate love. The wedding fashion in India has for years featured some of the most beautiful and intricately crafted ensembles but we often end up focusing the most on the wedding day outfit. While that is the most important of the lot, the trousseau must be carefully elected to reflect the vibe and your personal style. To bring you the galore and the ease of contemporary ethnic wear we have put together some beautiful outfit inspiration for the pre wedding and post wedding functions! These are contemporary with just the right bit of traditional.


Here is a list of all the wedding essentials for the modern man’s trousseau

  1. The trusted Kurta – The Kurta has been an epitome of comfort and formal attire since time immemorial. Transitioning easily from day to night, go for this regal attire for your pre wedding functions. You can trust RR for elegant and intricate outfits and with our plethora of crisp cut Kurtas. For a timeless look we suggest our bespoke services! Complete the look with our silk printed pocket squares.
  1. Sherwani – Sherwani is one of the most sought out royal attires. Exuding the rajputana demeanor, this formal ensemble works great for post wedding functions. Choose a fabric that best reflects you. From silks to brocades to the plush velvet the options are numerous. Team up the sherwani with a pair of handcrafted mojris.
  1. Waist coat – The waist is one versatile piece of garment. Style your mehendi look by pairing your bespoke Kurta with a waist coat. Finish the look with a quirky pocket square and bespoke shoes.
  1. Bespoke Bandhgala Suit – Nothing complements a man more than a suit made just for him. Go classic with a bespoke Jodhpuri Suit for your post wedding functions. Pair this with a silk shirt and luxe buttons to up the style quotient. If you are looking to take the edgy sartorial route, indulge in velvet and unconventional colors.
  1. Accessorizing is the key-Trust timeless accessories like pocket squares, bespoke belts and luxe shoes to help you look your best for your special moments. Play it contemporary by accessorizing your outfit the right way.

Take cue from the tips above and let us know what works best for you! Reach out to us or shop online to pick from a collection of bespoke RR Achkans, brocade kurtas, waist coats et al that juxtapose modern sensibilities with old world charm.

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