What You Should Know about Engraving Your Engagement Ring?

We all love things that are personalized and customised according to our taste. This is our way to show to the world that the particular thing belongs to us. One of the most common ways to personalize engagement rings is engraving your names on them. Engagement rings are so special because they define ‘forever’ for the couple. A lot of couples opt to engrave their names on their engagement rings. But, there are certain things you should know before you get your own engagement rings engraved. This article has put together everything that you would want to know about engraving your engagement ring.

Can All Rings Be Engraved?

Not all engagement rings can be engraved. What determines how much can be written in the inscription is the width of the band. You have to make sure that the words are readable and the letters are uniform. For that, the width of the ring’s band has to be wide enough. It is not possible to engrave on bands that are less than 3 millimetres wide as they are too small. Bands with 4 to 6 millimetres size are ideal for engraving as they have enough space and can even hold two rows of text. If your engagement ring has a complex design, it might be difficult to engrave.

Another factor that determines whether you can engrave on the band is the material of the band. Softer metals like gold are ideal for engraving beautiful letters. If you want hand-engraved bands, gold is the perfect metal. If you want machine-engraved bands, gold, silver and platinum are the best. But, if your ring has a titanium or tungsten band, the letters will appear blurry as they are harder metals. So, consider these factors before you decide to engrave your rings.

How to Inscribe Letters on a Band?

The jeweller where you have placed an order for your engagement ring can get your band engraved. When you are placing an order for the ring, mention it to the jeweller that you want it engraved. If the jeweller is not into engraving works, you can always ask for the reference of an engraver from the jeweller itself. Irrespective of who is engraving your rings, you have to be extra careful about the spellings of the words that you want to engrave. Write down the spelling clearly on a piece of paper for the engraver or jeweller.

What Is the Cost for Engraving?

The cost for engraving on bands depends upon what you want to engrave. Suppose you want to write down the lyrics of a song, then it will obviously cost you more. If you want to just inscribe your spouse’s name or initials, it will cost less. The cost for engraving depends upon the number of characters and the kind of font you want. Another factor is whether you want it hand-engraved or machine-engraved. Machine-engraved bands are cheaper than hand-engraved bands. But, a lot of couples go for hand-engraved bands because they give a personal touch to the rings.

Now that you know everything you need to know about engraving your engagement rings, discuss it with your spouse and decide whether you want to get it done at all.

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